"I was impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm of Arpita and her team. They provide important life skills and education through the Internet. The kids at our school wait for their lessons."  
- Sunita Gupta, Principal of Shiv-Gaurav School in Barwala

​"Arpita is empowering underpriviledged children through her most innovate effort to Global Education and Health program. She has been training teachers in software programming as well as English conversation. We appreciate Arpita's passion to help some of the more unfortunate children in our society."
- Pran Mehta (Rotary International)

 ​​"WEmpower, the organization that Arpita founded, has been volunteering to teach various subjects, including Science and History, to the underprivileged children at the center. Members of WEmpower have been providing education training to the students via Skype at the Literacy India schools. Arpita and her team members have been doing an outstanding job in helping the children through the subjects they teach along with English conversation which is helping the children communicate more effectively and gain self-confidence. Arpita is very dedicated and ensures that members of WEmpower are diligently involved in the training sessions which the children enjoy tremendously. We commend Arpita for her passion to help educate the underprivileged children in our society."  
- Sohit Yadav (Literacy India)