Amisha Jain

Head Tutor and Site Director,

​Literacy India - Bajghera

Vivek Pokala is a Junior at Saint Francis High School and aspires to become a doctor in the field of cardiology. In his free time, Vivek likes to play soccer, which he has played for the last 10 years. Vivek loves to help people in any way possible and loves to achieve a strong rapport with the community.

Sohinee Saha

WEmpower Tutor

​Siddhi Anil Shah

Head Tutor and Site Director, Nulyfe Foundation

Richa Gadgil is a Junior at Monta Vista High School and a Senior Girl Scout. She is very interested in helping her community, running businesses and nonprofits. Besides this, through her outreach work in DECA as well as through companies such as Google, she has been able to make an impact on the community.  

Arpita Singhal

Founder and Director

Swathi Sukumar

WEmpower Tutor

Swathi Sukumar is a Junior at Cupertino High School. She takes part in many of her school's activities and clubs, such as DECA and Tino Challenge. She is also a Flute section leader for Cupertino High School's marching band.  She is part of many non-profit organizations and hopes to have an impact on her community. She has a deep interest in literature in biology, and wants to pursue a career in biotechnology. In addition, she is a black belt in ITF Taekwon-do and both a music student and coach. In her free time, Swathi enjoys being a part of her school's swim team, hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, and traveling.

Meet our Team!

Siddhi Anil Shah is a senior at  Monta Vista High School. In school, her favorite subject is science. When she grows up, she hopes to major in neuroscience or psychology, as the brain is very intriguing to her. Outside of school, she learns Kathak, Hindustani classical music, and play club volleyball. She met Arpita through the project Ambition. Siddhi was recognized by the American Psychological Association for her research project at the Synopsys Science Fair.

Amisha Jain is currently a junior at American High School in Fremont, California. She loves to learn and explore various subjects, including math and science. She strongly believes in the message of Empower to help tutor underprivileged children all over the world voluntarily, and hopes that through this program, future generations will be highly successful due to the literacy and skills they gain. She is  excited to be a part of this organization and hopes that many people benefit from this program!

Arpita Singhal is the Founder and Director of WEmpower. She is currently a junior at UC Berkeley, California.  At Saint Francis, she was the site coordinator for Organization for Special-Needs Families. She is fascinated by the various applications of science and math from human biology to computer science. At her high school, she led the Math Club and Research Club, while playing vital roles in several other clubs. Having a passion for helping underprivileged and special-needs kids, she founded this non-profit organization, so that the underserved can learn the skills to earn a living. When she is not busy advancing scientific and educational initiatives, she enjoys painting, dancing, practicing Taekwon-Do, and playing the piano. Arpita is a trained Kathak dancer and  Taekwon-Do Black Belt.

Vivek Pokala 

WEmpower Tutor 

Richa Gadgil

WEmpower Tutor

Jyothi Chunduru

WEmpower Tutor 

Jyothi Chunduru is a Junior at Cupertino High School. She is extremely interested in neuroscience and human behavior and can often be found perusing articles on those subjects. In addition to neuroscience, she is interested in and hopes to pursue a career in medicine. During her free time she can be found reading thrillers, training for her black belt, or watching re-runs of Friends. She met Arpita at Raekwon-Do, and upon hearing about the project, she eagerly joined our tie

Sohinee Saha  is a senior at Saint Francis High School. Her favorite subjects are math and science; in her free time, she enjoys drawing & crafting, playing piano, singing & dancing, playing volleyball, swimming, outdoor activities (hiking, camping, horseback riding, etc.), cooking & eating, playing with animals & kids, and much more. Last but not least, she enjoys spending time with family and friends. Not only is she engaged in school clubs and activities such as Robotics and Speech & Debate, but she also enjoys volunteering, tutoring, and babysitting. She is a girl who always seeks to help and satisfy others in any possible manner. This organization has not only allowed her to do a mix of the two, but has allowed her to experience something new as she makes friends with those across the globe. "I feel blessed to be able use my passion to help others, learn, and spend time with kids to help others across the world."


Shivam Singhal is a senior at Saint Francis High School. Cheerful and passionate, he enjoys playing the piano, coming up with chess strategies, and practicing Taekwon-Do; he is currently a Black stipe. In his free time, he enjoys reading novels and watching comedy television shows and movies. He has a passion for science and doing science fair projects. Volunteering with these children gives him great joy; he believes that every time he teaches, he puts a smile on a face. He extended his volunteering work to other remote villages in India. He also led a team of peers to write inspirational blogs  to openly convey their thoughts through Open Pen.

Shivam Singhal

Coordinator and Site Director, Literacy India - Saket