We equip children with many essential skills. We provide lessons in English, along with science, math, and many other subjects.​

​Welcome to WEmpower!

WEmpower is a nonprofit organization that provides training in English language communication skills and computer coding to underprivileged children in India. This organization utilizes the skills of talented Bay Area students (WE) to Empower the underprivileged. Through the Internet, we connect underserved youth in remote areas with the educational tools that promote their self-confidence and link them to the rest of the world.

WEmpower was founded in 2013 by Saint Francis High School student, Arpita Singhal, on the premise that everyone has the right to learn. Arpita hosted the first tutoring session at the Shiv-Gaurav School in Barwala, India, a village located in the outskirts of Haryana. In 2014, we collaborated with Nulyfe, a vocational center sponsored by the Rotary International Literacy Foundation, and initiated training in computer skills for teachers. In 2015, we began to actively  participate in two centers of Literacy India and added high school and middle school students to our team of enthusiastic volunteers in the United States.   

WEmpower is based on the belief that the gift of education is more valuable than any material gift. Our goal is to equip the underserved with essential skills, allowing them to earn a living wage, lead successful lives, and command the dignity and respect that they deserve.

In 2016, WEmpower reached out to local schools and set up an after school program where Saint Francis High School students can empower elementary and middle school students in STEM.

We are empowering people in villages, providing education in areas where education is not easily accessible.​

Empowering Kids around the Globe with Education


Online Tutoring for the Underprivileged 

​​Our team of high school students is highly enthusiastic and provides a fun learning environment in each lesson that encourages kids to learn.